15 Behaviors to Begin

Following on from our most popular post yet, 15 Behaviors to Give Up, I thought we’d flip the pancake and look at 15 Behaviors to Begin.

Right now. Today. Without delay. No excuses.

1.  Treating yourself as your best friend

2.  Practicing gratitude

3.  Facing your fears and doing it anyway

4.  Seeking help when needed

5.  Positive thinking

6.  Accept yourself and others without judgement

7.  Forgiveness

8.  Nourishing your body

9.  Managing your own responses

10. Making every day count to the fullest

11. Taking action – even if it’s only baby steps

12. Knowing you have everything within you that you need

13. Surrounding yourself with the people who help you raise your game

14. Putting yourself first

15. Doing what makes you proud of you

In the comments I’d love to hear which of these resonates with you (and I’ll write a post on how to do the most popular ones) and if there are any other habits you’d add to this list.

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Blessings and Honey

Sarah xx


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