15 Behaviors to Give Up

This week we’re keeping it short and simple. I saw this list of 15 Things To Give Up and wanted to share it with you all.

1.  Doubting Yourself

2.  Negative Thinking

3.  Fear of Failure

4.  Destructive Relationships

5.  Gossiping

6.  Criticizing Yourself and Others

7.  Anger

8.  Comfort Eating

9.  Laziness

10. Negative Self Talk

11. Procrastination

12. Fear of Success

13. Anything Excessive

14. People Pleasing

15. Putting the needs of others before your own

This list originated on the Build your confidence FB page (as best as I can trace it), although I found it on the Dangerously Successful Women page.

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Blessings and Honey

Sarah xx

In the comments I’d love to hear what you struggle to give up and any tips you have for those things you have managed to give up.


  1. I’ll add to the list! Overwhelm. I’m still a work in progress on all those areas!

  2. Believing that someone else’s truth has to be my truth was a great one to give up for me. In finding I lived my life for many years to please others around me left me “unpleased” myself. Now I know that although others may not agree, make the same choices as me or even support me in my choices I’m okay going forward with what my truth is in a respectful and kind way. Ahhhh, now that feels good!

  3. Fear of Success!! I knew something was blocking me from really shining but I didn’t realise until this week just how ingrained my beliefs were around success. I know this is gonna be a great breakthrough! Also the ‘pleasing others’ has become very clear of late – the voice inside me has stepped up a notch, asking for what ‘I’ want and seeing that others’ ‘truth’ is not necessarily mine!

    • Amanda, I can so relate to this one. I found myself holding back because of my own beliefs. Still a work in progress but at least it’s in the light. Keep at it. Sarah.

  4. All very true-isms. I guess we get in our heads and this stuff creeps in.

    Focusing on teh converse of all of these items creates the positive motion for these points and allows for a “creation point of self” for daily monitoring.

    These are worth printing and a quick review in the morning during that time when I create myself through introspection and meditation.

    Thanks as always for your timely suggestions.

    There are no accidents!

    • Hi JC, glad they spoke to you when you need them. It truly is no accident that we are sent exactly what we need, exactly when we need it. Enjoy working with them.

  5. Great, great list! I loved every single word! I would make it 16 and add resentment. LOL…though I think we can all keep pretty busy with your 15! Thanks! ~Cathy

    • Hi Cathy, Resentment – that old chestnut! It’ll eat away at you so personally I’d advise you to switch it out for one of the 15 above. Blessings and Honey. Sarah.

  6. I do #15 all the time – especially when it comes to my clients, friends and family – I usually put them first, but I’ve been working on putting “me” first.

    Someone once told me that she always told her husband “After me, you come first”. I love that comment and try to apply now, more often.

  7. I Love the Toltec Teachings and am working with them…
    1. Be Impeccable with your word (don’t use them against Yourself!)
    2. Don’t take Anything Personal
    3. Don’t Assume Anything
    4. Always Do Your Best
    5. Be Sceptical… even of your Self…
    What we Know and Believe about ourselves… Has Been TAUGHT to us… it ISN’T WHO WE ARE… these Agreements come from Miguel Ruiz… The Four Agreements and The Fifth Agreement… I am working Diligently with them… they are great tools for me…

    • Hi Bethany, I LOVE Ruiz’s 4/5 Agreements. They are a great guide to live by. I think I should write a blog on those…thanks for the inspiration. S. x


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