How to Kick the Worry Habit

Do find yourself worrying about the past or future? Do you ever look back and regret how you let your worry control a situation?

Worry is a habit that knocks the supports right out from under you. One of the most freeing changes you can make in your life is to kick the worry habit. Since most habits are learned, you were probably taught to worry as a youngster.

Maybe you grew up around those who believed that life was just inherently difficult, money didn’t grow on trees, God would surely punish sinners, it never rains but it pours, there’s barely enough to go around, that guilt was a natural feeling or various others.

The best antidote to worry is faith. Faith that all is good. Faith that you are a beautiful human being who is exactly where you are are supposed to be. Faith that what goes around comes around.

Despite the common saying, nobody is a ‘born worrier’. If you learned to believe that whatever can go wrong will, in the unfortunate or the hateful, you therefore have the ability to unlearn those beliefs and chose another belief that causes you less stress and anxiety.

How you feel about any situation is entirely your choice. What do you choose today?

If you constantly find yourself plagued with worry, simply becoming aware of when it overtakes you and your day is the first habit to develop.

Then find some way of reframing the worry to see it differently. Maybe asking yourself the question, ‘what’s the worst that could happen?’ maybe having faith that everything is exactly as it’s meant to be, maybe remembering that rejection is merely a form of Spirit’s protection.

Only you can know what will help reframe your worry habit. But one thing is for sure, if you continue to live your life according to how worried you are, life will pass you by.

In the comments below I’d love to hear what you find yourself worrying about the most and any tips you have for dealing with the type of worry that stops you living your life to the fullest.

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Honey and blessings,

Sarah xx


  1. One prime example I had was a friend being worried about the weather as a storm was predicted. I was not paying attention to the news, therefore, I enjoyed a gloriously beautiful day (the storm decided to take another path or dissipate all together) and he spent the majority of the day fretting. ;-)

    • Sheila, great example! How often do we spend time worrying about something that just never happens anyway? It ruins the day for us and possibly of those around us as well. Thanks for your comment. Sarah. x

  2. I used to worry …a lot haha But over the past few years, I found a few things that really helped change my mindset: creative writing, expressing yourself through art and just getting your thoughts down on paper, reading some great personal development books/blogs, finding inspirational quotes/people, and faith. I don’t think you can easily just start having faith – it’s definitely a process and a practice (or habit) you learn to gradually continue doing. Then again, working on your mindset never happens in a snap of a finger ;)


    I read that worrying was living in the future…this is true. Letting go of worry places you more securely in the present. Thanks for a though provoking post!

    • Hi Cathy, Yes indeed – worrying takes you out of the present moment for sure. Glad you found it thought provoking. Sarah. x

  4. When I was a child I used to worry a lot about everything. I’m not sure why. I worried about whether my friends in school would like me, whether I would pass my tests, get into the college of my choice. Everything always seemed to work out (thank goodness!). Over the years, I learned (or taught myself) some of the techniques that you mentioned including asking myself “what’s the worst that could happen?” – most of the time even the “worst” thing wasn’t so bad even if it did happen (which it rarely did) – but even if it did, I could change what I wanted and then go for that. I have a lot of faith now – in myself and in life that things will work out – at the very least, they will work out exactly as they are meant to.

    • Sabra, Thanks for your post. I’m so glad you managed to change a habit you learned in childhood – many people never manage that. Your life is certainly richer for it. Sarah

  5. I woke up this morning and started worrying about someone in my life so your post is timely! I turned to faith and reminded myself that I have no control over other people, places or situations. I wrote down my worry on a piece of paper and put it in my God jar. Completely handing over the situation and having faith that everything is and will be as it should be. Great post Sarah!

  6. I come from a long line of worriers! One question that I’ve been asking myself lately (that I learned from Lauren Forest) is: “Is this relevant to what I’m doing now?” Am I worrying about what I’m doing currently or something else? This helps me break that worry loop!

  7. I think I am like a lot of people in that I used to worry a lot…I think it was when I paid less attention to my life and what I really wanted, so it was more important that things go EXACTLY as I wanted them to, otherwise I wouldn’t be happy. Once I really started getting on my own path and doing my own thing, outcomes and events became less important to me because i was enjoying my life either way. It’s so strange to talk to a worrier and not be in the same headspace! Thanks for a great post as always :o )

    • Mindy, I know exactly what you mean about talking to a worrier and not being in the same headspace. I’m so glad I rarely worry these days. I also worry far less now that I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing rather than doing what i feel I ‘should’ be doing (ie climbing the corporate ladder).

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